1959 Berkeley / The Screaming Yellow Zonker



Product Description

The Berkeley, a micro car made in Biggleswade, England had but a short 4 year run 1956 thru 1960.
During this time some 4200 were produced with appx. 1000 coming stateside. First offered with a 328 Excelsior 2 cylinder 2 stoke then later offered with a 492 two stroke triple. This featured car started life as a SE328 but was later “upgraded ” to a 492 triple.
Its current owner has cared for it about 10 years alternating between vintage racing and Sunday car shows. This car was prepped for VSCCA vintage race events by GMT Racing,work including Roll Bar , Fuel Cell, 5 point racing harness and a 13 inch steering wheel. The 3 Amal carbs were rebuilt and a intermediate gravity feed fuel tank was added to prevent the carbs from being “overpowered ‘ by the electric fuel pump. Although a micro car, the current owner is 6’2” and is shown driving the car.
This car is offered for sale with a New York Registration, logbook and a bill of sale.


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